About Be-Spoke.

The simplest, most enjoyable system for delivering your wedding speech.


Cormac Lally began writing wedding speeches, and wedding poetry, after his younger brothers wedding in August 2012, the response was so overwhelming to what he had written and how his other brother Emmet delivered it, that he took a booking straight after the dinner, turned the idea into a successful business, and has been creating and delivering hilarious best man and bride and groom speeches ever since.

As Easy As Breathing.- If you know how to breathe, you can do this. These are the first words Cormac said to me when we met via Skype. I laughed because it sounded to easy, but once you follow his simple of instructions , it was exactly that. Just like breathing. Totally natural, totally professional, totally simple. Sean Co. Clare


 Cormac derives a great satisfaction from the smiles of his clients, especially the one's to whom public speaking is a major personal obstacle . From speech impediments, to anxiety, to struggling with an audience, he can help you with all of these things.


The process is simple and enjoyable. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone is a storyteller. Cormac has been getting guys across the line for six years without a hitch.
Just call or drop a line to us and we'll get you started. The earlier you get in touch, the better a job we'll do on the wedding speech.